Since the start of my South-East Asia trip in April 2015 I’m part of the ‘Digital Nomad’ team for National Geographic Traveler Belgium/The Netherlands. As a Digital Nomad I write a short travel story twice a month and make two illustrations to go with each story. All my stories, about 400 words, have a single theme like a local dish, a particular animal, a course I took or a mode of transport. At the end of every story I give a little bit of advice called ‘my tip’. Since I write for the Belgium/The Netherlands department of National Geographic Traveler my stories are in Dutch but I took my latest blog about surfing in Sri Lanka and made an English version, click on the image below to read the article.

Screenshot 2016-06-16 12.24.29









Click here to read all of my travel stories and see the illustrations I made for National Geographic Traveler. Curious to how I landed this job? Check out the photo below which I send to the National Geographic editors!




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